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Mehmet Sahin CAKAN, which has been serving in many fields in the seafood industry since 1991, established its own logistic company in 2005. Thus, he started to carry the fish supplied by the boats through his own fleet. In 2007 he has established Mehmet Sahin Cakan Balıkcılık Ltd. Şti and started its business with 1 fishing boat and nowadays continues with a fishing fleet of 52 boats.

He continued his success in the industry by being elected as the Izmir Fisheries Businessmen Association President in 2010. In 2012, he established the Cold Air Fish Processing Plant. In 2013, he was elected as a member of the Assembly of Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Aiming to deliver his products to many countries of the world Mr. Mehmet Sahin, first started it's export journey from the Fish Processing Plant in 2016 with Greece and after adding Italy, People's Republic of China and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is Increasing its customer portfolio day by day.

We put our signature to fisheries in Turkey.

We put our signature to fisheries in Turkey. In 2018, he was elected to the Board of Directors of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce. Mehmet Sahin CAKAN, which aims to become widespread in the fishery sector and expand its product range and to serve with natural and high quality marine products, continues to provide integrated services in the fishing industry in the fields of hunting, logistics, wholesale, cold storage, processing, distribution and marketing.

  • 5 Group Companies ( Sahin Balıkcılık, Sahin SEAFOOD, Sahin LOGISTIC, Sahin COLD STORAGE, Fish Mate)
  • 52 fishing boats Operating in All Seas of Turkey.
  • 6500 m3 Cold Storages at EU Standards.
  • 5500m2 Production Facility at Wolrd Standards
Anchovy Supplier of Turkey

Fishing in the open seas of Turkey for all seafoods mainly anchovies and sardines, one of the biggest companies in Turkey on wholesaling of fish, storaging, packaging in production facilities and selling on mainly anchovies and sardines ; Supplier of Turkey Especially on Anchovy.

Export Department:

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